Outline of available articles

Postage stamps

In this section you will find information with regard to special features found on PNG stamps:

varieties, Departure Tax, modern surcharges, personalised postage stamps, Presentation Packs, differences in the Butterfly issue of 1966 and the SPECIMEN overprints. [more]

Postal Forms

Postal forms have until recently been researched very little in the Papua New Guinea collecting field. Here, too, is an area requiring more research. [more]

Meters and Counter Printed Labels

In PNG not all mail is paid for with stamps. As modern forms of payment, meters applied by the sender, and counter printed labels applied at post office counters may be distinguished. [more]

Air Mail

Mail, to a large extend, was carried by air in PNG because of the lack of transportation. Here you will find special features pertaining to airmail transport in Papua New Guinea. [more]

Postage Due

Before the issue of specific Postage Due labels, regular postage stamps were utilized. [more]

Instructional markings

Postal Instructional Markings are a very interesting study in Papua New Guinea. Untill now very little literature has been published on the topic. [more]

Postage Paid

As with many other collecting interests, the information about "Postage Paid" stamps is almost non-existent. We now hope to bring justice to this matter. [more]

Ship Mail

Under Ship Mail we refer to postal mailings that have been transported fully or in part by ships. [more]

Telegraph Office

Little information is available about these date stamps and the numerous associated types of telegrams. [more]