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Postal Forms

Postal forms of PNG are not yet well researched. Many new discoveries are possible in this area.

Registration Receipts

The best known type of forms are Registration Receipts which are handed to the sender of registered mail upon posting. [more]

Registration Labels

Registration Labels are, as a rule, identifying labels for registered mail. In our collecting field of interest of PNG there are a number of different types of labels. [more]


Mail found open at the post office is officially closed by the post office. Special closing seals are used for this purpose. The Found Open labels carry the signature of the sealing postal clerk. [more]

Return to Sender

Undeliverable mail without address is opened in the Dead Letter Office. The identified sender is noted on a form. [more]

Advice of Delivery

Return receipts are called Advice of Delivery in PNG. Against payment of a fee proper delivery of registered mail items can be proven with it. [more]


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