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Varieties and Special Features on PNG Stamps

In comparison to many countries, there are few varieties found on Papua and new Guinea stamps. That emphasizes the seriousness of this collecting interest.

The catalogues do not list these varieties as a rule for they are beyond the boundaries of the general catalogue. The entry and representation of such varieties is the work for specialized catalogues or this webpage.

On this page we would like to present to you some varieties and special features.

SG 320 - MiNr. 321

A prominent variety of the 7t "Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II" exists: silver print shifted.


SG 602 - MiNr. 592

This surcharged stamp provides us with several varieties.

correct surcharge
shifted surcharge
double surcharge
missing bar
offset of the surcharge on front of the stamp

SG 747 - 754 - MiNr. 733 - 740

With this issue there exists a variety that is already mentioned in the Michel catalogue:

Stamp is Mi Nº 737F, on which the former value is blocked out but no new surcharge was added.

The illustration shows the position within the sheet

Once the errors became known, the bottom left corner was removed before the sheets were sent out to the post offices.

missing "65t"

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