Departure Tax

Departure tax stamps are not postage stamps. We accommodate on these pages the stamps because occasionally postage stamps are overprinted for this revenue use. They belong to the category of Revenue stamps.

Airport fees -- Departure Tax -- were accounted for with special stamps.

The tax amounted to:

1974               2,00 $

1980             10,00 K

1982             20,00 K

1988             10,00 K

1989             15,00K

1990             12,00 K

1991             15,00 K

1998             30,00 K

(please report new dates and information)

reduced rate for children

As a special feature, SG 402, was overprinted with DEPARTURE TAX, beginning in 1991.

official announcement
PNG stamp SG 402 overprinted "Departure Tax"

Three different types are known.

from January 1991
PNG stamp SG 402 overprinted "Departure Tax"
from May 1994
PNG stamp overprinted "Departure Tax"
from 1995
Papua New Guinea overprint

Sometime, perhaps 1998, the Departure Tax was raised to 30 kina. On our example two 15k stamps were used.



CAA labels

The operator (Civil Aviation Authority) of the Jackson airport instituted an additional Security fee of 30 Kina.



Since November 1, 2003, the additional airport fee amounts to 60 Kina for foreign flights. At the same time an additional 10 Kina fee was instituted for domestic flights.


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