Presentation Packs, Annual Collectors Packs, Year Albums ....

As in many countries, PNG also offers collectors stamps packaged in a variety of ways.

Presentation Packs

Since 1973, PNG has offered stamps to collectors in a variety of packs.

Besides the issued stamps in post fresh condition, the collector will find details of the issue such as stamp size, number of stamps per sheet, selvedge data, perforation, type of paper, type of gum, and printing details such as designer, printer, and printing process.

In addition there are detailed descriptions of each stamp design.

The numbering follows that of the Australasian Catalogue.


Annual Collectors Packs

A special pack are the Annual Collectors Packs, that were issued from 1973 until 2003, which contained all issued stamps within a given year.



Year Albums

Since 1985 Year Books have been issued in addition to the Year Sets.

The yearly issues are presented in a hard cover book format with additional descriptions regarding each issue.




During the Goroka Show, May 1972, special souvenir packs were sold. A "pack" with additional notation "Interpex '72" was sold at the New York Show.

V-PPNG1 Goroka Show
V-PPNG2 Interpex

Both issues contain the same stamps.

Presentation Album

For special occasions there are also some Presentation Albums that were presented as gifts.


On the occasion of the 1979 UPU Congress in Rio de Janeiro, participants of the organization were presented with a special 10-page stockbook album which contained the PNG issues from June 1974 until 1979 with the exception of the 1977 Fauna issue.


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