Postal History Specialities

On these webpages you will discover items of special interest in the study of PNG postal history.

Australian Postage Stamps used in PNG

At the close of World War II, it was decided that the post office of the united territories of Papua and New Guinea, under Australian administration, would utilize Australian postage stamps. That period beginning with 1945 will be presented here in greater detail. [more]

Concession Rate

Following World War II, members of the military that continued to serve in PNG, received a special concessionary rate for their mail. [more]

Dead Letter Office

In the Port Moresby DEAD LETTER OFFICE attempts will be made to find the sender or addressee of undeliverable mail. [more]


Mail from Papua New Guinea to all parts of the World. Here we show a few to not so common destinations. [more]

Incoming Mail

Here you will find mail addressed to PNG, so called "Incoming Mail". Especially interesting are those from an unusual origin. [more]

Mixed franking: Australia - PNG

Papua and New Guinea issued its own first postage stamps on October 30, 1952. Australian postage stamps continued to be valid until March 2, 1953. Because of this situation interesting mixed frankings were possible.  [more]

Patrol Post

Numerous remote settlements in PNG found themselves lacking official post offices. However, there were patrol posts operated by government departments.  [more]

Police Runner

Until the mid-1960s mail was often carried by police runners.  [more]

RAN Post Office

Two postmarks from the Royal Australian Navy (R.A.N.) were used in the Territory of P&NG.   [more]

Currency  Decimalisation

On February 14, 1966 decimal currency was introduced to Papua and New Guinea. Thereafter all transactions with Sterling currency ceased, and henceforth transactions were conducted in decimal currency using dollars and cents.  [more]


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