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Reply coupons

Reply coupons belong to postage stamps according to postal definition. These coupons are paying return postage for a standard international letter. The sender of a letter attaches a reply coupon to pay the return postage of the addressee. [more]

Relief postmarks

Relief postmarks are used when the current date stamp is defective or when a post office is opened before the regular date stamp is available. At times relief postmarks are also used when there is need for an additional postmark in a post office. [more]

Postal stationery

Postal stationery are officially issued envelopes, postcards etc. with imprint of postage. Collectors distinguish postal stationery from covers with stamps affixed to them. [more]


Some of the original printings of the Bird of Paradise stamps were sold out quickly so that several values had to be reprinted. The reprints can be distinguished by the date printed on the lower margin of the stamp. Additionally in the four corners of the sheet small figurines were added, one for each additional printing, which are known as kapuls. [more]

Catalogue correlation

Here you find a comparative listing of the catalogue numbers of PNG stamps for the international catalogues of Michel, Stanley Gibbons, Scott and the Australasian Stamp Catalogue. These lists are a valuable tool for identifying stamps correctly. [more]

Stamp booklets

Collecting PNG booklets is relatively easy as only few booklets were issued. But there are also rare ones. The first two booklets were issued in 1970. [more]

Post offices

Despite the enormous extension of the territory of PNG there are only relatively few post offices. With some patience it should be possible to accumulate a comprehensive collection of PNG post offices. Some of the post offices were only open for a very short period of time or were re-named. Therefore there are some 'difficult' pieces in a collection of PNG post offices. [more]

Postage rates

To judge the significance of a cover knowledge about postage rates is essential. [more]


Stamp cancelling machines are meant to process huge amounts of mail. In PNG mail volume was growing considerably at the end of the 1950s. Therefore in 1961 stamp cancelling machines were introduced in the bigger post offices. The slogans which are printed next to the cds are of major interest. In the beginning wavy lines were used, later slogans were introduced. Some of the slogans were only used for a very short period of time and have to be considered modern rarities. [more]

Special postmarks

A collection of PNG special postmarks is very attractive. The designs of these date stamps are varied and there is only a limited number of them. Registered mail with special postmarks is scarce, though, as are dates after the first day of issue. [more]

Stamp Duty

Stamp duty stamps or fiscal stamps are meant for fiscal purposes paying taxes and fees. Since 1978 remaining stocks of postage stamps were overprinted with "Stamp Duty" and used as fiscals. [more]