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  • date of issue: 28.01.1970
  • printing: 19 750

The first booklet was very popular and sold out quickly. Nearly the whole printing was sold to regular postal customers. Even swiftly acting collectors who ordered booklets in Port Moresby already got booklet number 2.


  • date of issue: 25.05.1970
  • printing: 50 000

Both booklets, number 1 and 2, contain 10 5-cent stamps Michel number 142 with matt gum, as noted in a footnote under the Shell set (Michel number 139-153) in the Michel catalogue.

MH26 + MH27

date of issue: 17.11.2004
printing: unknown


Since then, no further booklets have been recorded.
If you know of other booklets, have additional information or illustrations, please do let us know.


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