With I-NG's establishment of its internet presence, we would like to see how we measure up when compared to other websites. The main reason is to be critiqued in international competition and to receive feedback.

Therefore we hope to constantly improve our website.



An internationally sponsored CG Award 2014, was presented at the Sindelfingen Philatelic Exhibition.

Amongst a field of 14 contestants we happily placed third in the presentation of Digital media, receiving 25.5 points out of a possible 30 points.

This placement shows that our website ranks well when compared to others.

IPHLA Mainz 2012

IPHLA – The International Philatelic Literature Exhibition

took place in Mainz from November 2-4, 2012

Our website has been entered under Group 3: Interactive, electronic media (Internet sites, webpages) - Exhibit 3.A.6


VERMEIL with 75 points

The evaluation sheet breaks down the individual categories by giving points to each. 

The jury awards points, and makes a detailed critique to which we had no access. That critique would have given us more information, but it requires that the exhibitor is personally present when the critiques are given. This was not possible.

evaluation sheet