Articles on a Variety of Postage Stamps

On these pages you will find information with regard to PNG stamp issues that are beyond the normal realm of catalogues.


Only a few known varieties exist in the modern issues of Papua New Guinea. [more]


The selvedge on the stamps of Papua New Guinea shows a variety of different markings. [more] wissen/briefmarken/bogenraender/

Departure Tax

Flughafen Gebühren - Departure Tax - wurden mit speziellen "Marken" verrechnet.[more]

Modern Surcharges

Since the 1990s, PNG has issued numerous surcharges. [more]

Personalised Postage Stamps

In 2007 PNG issued the orchid series of stamps in which the alternate fields were left blank or are found with interesting PNG photos. For a small fee the client could have their own pictures included or perhaps a company wished to show its logo. [more]

Presentation Packs

As in many countries, PNG also offers collectors stamps packaged in a variety of presentation packs, Annual Collectors Packs, Year Albums. [more]

1966 Butterfly Series

The two high values of the 1966 issue were reprinted in August 1967 with slight, but noticeable, variation in design. [more]


A few stamps from Papua and New Guinea received a SPECIMEN overprint. [more]


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