Special Features about Airmail from Papua New Guinea

Mail, to a large extend, was carried by air in PNG because of the lack of transportation. On the following pages you will find special features pertaining to airmail transport in Papua New Guinea.

First Flights

With the re-establishment of civil administration in Papua New Guinea, began also the resumption of postal services – mainly through air mail. Numerous first flights are well-known. [more]

Aerial Service completed Sydney

Ordinarily mail from PNG is routed via Australia for further world distribution. Transit point is Sydney. Because of the high cost of airmail, further transmission from Australia was often done with seamail (surface rate). [more]

1954 Singapore Air Crash

On the approach to Singapore airport, a Lockheed Constellation crashed. Rescued mail was endorsed with a special marking. [more]

Posted Late Fee

A special mail box was located at the Port Moresby airport that was only opened (emptied) on Sunday mornings 2 hours before departure of the flight to Australia. [more]

RAAF Momote

Stamps were available already before the official opening of the post office at Momote on August 3, 1953.    [more]

Solomon Islands stamps with PNG cancellation

On November 14, 1949, Qantas Empire Airways began a biweekly service between Lae, PNG, and Honiara, British Solomon Islands, and return. [more]