The first flight took place March 25, 1962.
Fourth flight, April 15, 1962.

The following report is based primarily on a Papua Post 1/1973 article. At that time the late collector Willi Landsberg reported:

"this strange . . . mailing . . . only for regular letters between Port Moresby and Australia." 

"At the Port Moresby airport there was a small mailbox that was only opened on Sunday mornings, two hours prior to departure of the flight to Australia. A postal clerk cleared the mailbox and delivered the postal sack to the departing Australia-bound flight. In Australia the postal sack was picked up from the flight and processed and cancelled at the Brisbane Post Office.


The normal postage rate was 5d. Because of the extra handling, including having a postal clerk on duty at the airport, letters required an additional fee for this service.


Mail was cancelled in Brisbane with a circular rubber stamp, which was inscribed G.P.O. BRISBANE POSTED LATE FEE PORT MORESBY. Just after seven flights the circular rubber stamp was replaced with a square metal date stamp.

Illustrated on the cover of Papua Post 1/89 is the famous "Late Fee Mail Box".

The special handling of mail was eliminated after the opening of the post office at Jackson Airport in 1975.



Unusual LATE FEE Cancellation

A few letters have appeared that are marked LATE FEE or LATE FEE PAID, with correct postage paid, and yet are not cancelled in the usual way.

Their status has not been finalized.


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