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Instructional Markings

Postal Instructional Markings are a very interesting study in Papua New Guinea. Till now very little literature has been published on the topic. Searches and researching are here particularly in demand. Impressions on domestic mail are very helpful when organizing postal markings that are unique to Papua and New Guinea.

Your assistance in providing addtional information is most welcome.

undeliverable village letter with three different instructional markings 1980

Box service cancelled 

In PNG all mail is delivered through postal boxes. It will happen that a letter can not be delivered because a postal box has been closed. On such letters we find this unusual postal marking. [more]

Insufficiently prepaid ....

Such addition instructional markings are found on mail that is insufficiently prepaid for carriage by air. This results in forwarding the mail by seapost at the surface rate. [more]


Misdirected letters are stamped with a "MISSENT TO ..." instructional marking. Here you will find markings applied only in PNG. [more]

Please advise ....

On letters with incomplete addresses, that however could be delivered, we find this marking advising the recipient to notify the sender of the correct address. [more]

Postmaster Markings

On official mail one may occasionally find a postmaster's stamp or marking. These are officially sanctioned markings allowing for postage free mail. [more]

Received in damaged condition

Here we deal with additional markings that are applied to mail damaged in transit. The large majority of this type of mail never reaches the collector but rather is destined for the waste basket.  [more]

Return to sender

This best known instructional marking we find on undeliverable letters - Return to sender. [more]

RTS ... service suspended

Postal service was curtailed to the island of Bougainville in the 1990s because of civil unrest. Mail addressed to Bougainville was returned. [more]


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