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Papua Neuguinea 1966 "First Day Souvenir Card" Schmetterlinge Briefmarken

Currency decimalisation 1966

Basis of this page is an interesting article published in Papua Post 4/2003

On February 14, 1966 the decimal system of currency was introduced to Papua and New Guinea. Henceforth payment in PNG was no longer in Sterling currency but rather in dollars and cents. The successful Butterfly definitive series was issued in the new decimal currency. Besides First Day Covers, the post office issued a special First Day Souvenir Card.

A normal domestic letter no longer cost 6d but was now 5c. The overseas surface mail rate was 7c.

(5 Pence) = 4 c; 4 c + 1 c = 5 c
Papua Neuguinea Brief Währungsmischfrankatur
(2 Pence) = 2 c; 2 c + 5 c = 7 c
Papua New Guinea cover currency change mixed franking

Four letters to Germany, that carry the correct rate of 25 cents.

(2/3sh) = 22 c + 3 c = 25 c
Papua New Guinea cover currency change mixed franking
(2/-sh) = 20 c + 5 c = 25 c
(5 x 6 d) = 5 x 5 c = 25 c
(2/6sh) = 25 c

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