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Dead Letter Office

At the DEAD LETTER OFFICE  in Port Moresby, attempts are made to identify the sender or receiver of undeliverable mail. Undeliverable mail from overseas will be returned to the country of origin, domestic mail will be officially opened, and after identifying the sender, will be resealed. In addition a RETURN TO SENDER label will be attached to the reverse side of the letter on which will be indicated the sender's address.

Should neither sender nor addressee be identified, the letter will be stored for some time at the DEAD LETTER OFFICE, after which it will be destroyed.

The following two undeliverable letters received at the DLO (PNG) the two instructional handstamps, UNCLAIMED PORT MORESBY, and RETURN TO SENDER. Thereafter they were returned to England via Australia.

The second letter returned to its origin in Australia in just under 4 months, after repeated forwardings in PNG (Lae, Manus), endorsed with several rubber stamped markings and handwritten notations.

The following inland letter could not be delivered. It was officially opened, resealed with a provisional label, and returned to P.O. Box 13 in Port Moresby.

In the Dead Letter Office the normal date stamp was used.


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