Stamp Duty stamps of PNG

Subsequently you find illustrations of all stamp duty stamps so far recorded. Under the stamps there are Michel numbers of the un-overprinted postage stamps with a SD prefix (for stamp duty) and the catalogue numbers according to the Barefoot British Commonwealth Revenues Catalogue.

MiSD346, B75
MiSD347, B74
MiSD403, B70
MiSD496, B85
MiSD464, B72
MiSD471, B80
MiSD557, B71
MiSD504, B76
MiSD626, B91
MiSD628, B77
MiSD567, BB90
MiSD630, B89
MiSD700, B87
MiSD632 I, B78
MiSD632 II, B79
MiSD710, B88
MiSD657, B82
MiSD661, B83
MiSD671, B84

At the annual gathering 2007 in Hinterzarten a collector showed a commercial inland cover with a so far unknown stamp duty stamp with diagonal overprint and 20 t surcharge which was used as postage. To date no further specimen has surfaced.




End of 1957, most likely in November, some 6 1/2 pence stamps were overprinted with "Stamp Duty 1d". In 1958 these fiscals were officially used as postal stamps.

MiSD10, B21
MiSD10 postally used


Beginning of 1997 the last stamp duty overprint was released so far. Of this issue an inverted overprint is known. Later on it turned out that this issue is a forgery to defraud collectors.

MiSD787 F, B100
MiSD787 KF, B100a

Lately further stamps were offered with the description "most likely proofs" to promote sales. These were all forgeries as well.

MiSD62 F
MiSD244 F

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