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Philatelic literature is a must for all collecting interests. When you are intensively pursuing the collecting of stamps or postal history of a country, you can not avoid seeking out suitable literature. Here we would like to share with you the most important titles for our collecting interest of Papua New Guinea, which is also the foundation for this website.

Many of the listed titles may be looked at or borrowed from the Philatelic Library in Munich.

This listing is by no means complete. Further suggestions are welcomed -- please use the contact form.


  • Papua Post from Interessengemeinschaft Neuguinea (German)
  • Papua New Guinea Calling / PPS Stamp News from Papuan Philatelic Society (English)
  • ZWP from Studiegroep Zuid-West Pacific (Dutch)
  • Berichte für Kolonialbriefmarkensammler from AG Deutsche Kolonien (German)
  • Sydney Views from Australian States Study Circle (English)
  • Berliner Protokolle from Berliner Kolonialgruppe (German)
  • Beiträge zur Kolonial und Postgeschichte from FG Deutsche Kolonien (German)
  • Vorläufer from German Colonies Study Group (English)
  • New South Wales Philatelist from Philatelic Society of N.S.W. (English)

Papua - British New Guinea

  • The Postal History of British New Guinea and Papua 1885 - 1942 by Roger Lee (English)
  • Stamps of Papua by A.A. Rosenblum (English)
  • Die Postwertzeichen von Papua by P. Kleeberg (German)
  • Queensland Postal History by John Campbell (English)
  • Lakatoi I by Hamilton Croaker (English)
  • Lakatoi II und III by Hamilton Croaker (English)
  • British New Guinea and Papua, Postal Acts 1888 - 1945 by G. Bird, D. Collyer, K. Sparks (English)

German New Guinea

  • Stempelkatalog - Ehemalige deutsche Kolonien und Auslandspostämter from AG Deutsche Kolonien (German)
  • Handbuch und Katalog der deutschen Kolonial-Vorläufer by Friedrich Steuer (German)
  • Die Einschreibzettel der deutschen Postanstalten im Ausland und der deutschen Schutzgebiete. Herstellung und Verwendung by Ernst Einfeldt (German)
  • Ganzsachen, Deutsche Kolonien by Ernst Einfeldt (German)
  • Die Posteinlieferungsscheine, Postablieferungsscheine, Rückscheine und Briefkarten in den Deutschen Schutzgebieten u. den Auslandspostanstalten by Ernst Einfeldt (German)
  • Deutsche Kolonien, Dienstbriefumschläge von den Postanstalten und Reichsbehörden by Ernst Einfeldt (German)
  • Postpaketadressen und Postanweisungen verwendet in den deutschen Kolonien und Auslandspostanstalten by Ernst Einfeldt (German)
  • Deutsches Kolonial-Handbuch by Rudolf Fitzner (German)
  • Privatpostkartenkatalog Band II by Hans-Peter Frech (German)
  • Postfreimarken und die Entwertungen der deutschen Postanstalten in den Schutzgebieten und im Auslande by Friedemann / Wittmann (German)
  • Neuguinea by G. Hoffmann-Giesecke (German)
  • Deutsche Kolonien und Auslandspostämter; Dienstzweige und Portotarife by M. Jäschke-Lantelme (German)
  • The Postal History of the Territory of New Guinea from 1888 to 1942 by John H. Powell (English)
  • Geschichte der Deutschen Post in den Kolonien und im Ausland by W. Schmidt / H. Werner (German)

New Guinea (Austr. Occupation/Mandate to 1942)

  • G.R.I. by Robert M. Gibbs (English)
  • Einschreibzettel von Deutsch-Neuguinea mit Überdruck G.R.I./ 3d by Ernst Einfeldt (German)
  • The Northwest Pacific Islands by J.R.W. Purves (English)
  • The Postal History of the Territory of New Guinea from 1888 to 1942 by John H. Powell (English)
  • The Postal History of the Territory of New Guinea from 1888 to 1942 by John H. Powell / Andrew Laughran (English)
  • The Stamps of the Territory of New Guinea: Bd. 1 ; 1925 – 1932 , The Hut issues by RAD Heward, Robert Garratt, David Heward (English)

Military and Censored Mail

  • The Postal History of the Australian Army during World War II by P. Collas (English)
  • Kriegsgefangenenpost aus Deutsch-Neuguinea und Australien by Karl Baumann (German)
  • Military Machine Cancels of the Army Postal Service by Bart Billings (English)
  • Numbered Army & Air Force Post Office Locations by Russ Carter (English)
  • The Postal History of the Australian Imperial Forces during World War One 1914-1918 + supplement by R.C. Emery (English)
  • “We Build – We Fight”: Location and Assignment of the United States Construction Units, 1941 - 2005 by Norman Gruenzner (English)
  • Postal History of United States Forces in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate during World War II by Stanley C. Jersey (English)
  • Detailed Postal Address Codes of the Japanese Navy in the Pacific War 1941-1945 (Hauptwerk plus Supplement) by Onishi Jiro (English)
  • 40 Jahre Militär-Philatelist by Frederic J. Patka (German)
  • History of the Australian Military Postal Services 1914-1950 by Edward B. Proud (English)
  • Civil Censorship in Australia and Dependencies by J.C. Smith (English)
  • Censored in the Pacific by R.M. Startup (English)
  • History of New Zealand Military Postal Services 1845-1991 by R.M. Startup / Edward B. Proud (English)
  • In Search of Secrecy: Civilian Censorship in Australia 1939-1945 by Derek Whitmarsh (English)
  • Postmarks of the Australian Forces from all Fronts 1939 to 1953 by Stephenson Stobbs (English)
  • Japanese Military Forces in the Solomon Islands, notes on postal history, the war in the Pacific by Stanley C. Jersey (English)
  • The postal history of the Lesser Sunda Islands, Moluccas, and New Guinea during the Japanese occupation and immediate aftermath 1942 - 1946 / J. R. van Nieuwkerk. - [s.l.] : Dai Nippon, 2008. - 493 S. : zahlr. Ill., Kt. (farb.). ISBN 978-90-72270-72-6
  • Little, D. John British Empire civil censorship devices, World War II. - [5]. Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands / by John Little. - Civil Censorship Study Group ; Perth, Scotland [u.a.] : Chavril Press, 2008. - 180 S. : zahlr. Ill. (farb.). ISBN 978-0-9517444-5-1

Papua New Guinea

  • The Postal History of Papua New Guinea Vol 1 by M.J. Garwood & R.A.D. Heward (English)
  • The Postal History of Papua New Guinea Vol 2 by M.J. Garwood & R.A.D. Heward (English)
  • The Registration Labels of Papua & New Guinea 1945 - 1973 by Henk J. Teunis (English)
  • Meter Cancels of Papua New Guinea 1958 - 1982 by J.A. Stephens (English)
  • Listing of Papua New Guinea Postage Franking Machines ("meters") and Post Office Counter Printed Stamps by Richard C. Peck (English)
  • Catalogue of Australian (and Papua New Guinea) Postage Meters 1927 - 2002 by Richard C. Peck (English)
  • Papua New Guinea Decimal Stamps 1966 - 1982 The Story Behind the Stamps by James Bentley (English)
  • Franklin's Guide to the Stamps of Papua and New Guinea by Mark Franklin (English)
  • The Post Offices of Papua and New Guinea 1885 - 1967 by Sherman L. Pompey (English)
  • The Relief Postmarkers of Papua and New Guinea by Vernon Rutherford (English)
  • Bougainville - Police Runner Mails by Harry Voyce (English)

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Dutch New Guinea (incl. UNTEA)

  • UNTEA by Ernst Hofmann (German)
  • Die Briefmarken von Niederländisch-Neuguinea by Roel H. Houwink (German)
  • Poststempelcatalogus Nederlands-Indie 1864 -1942 by Storm v. Leeuwen (Dutch)
  • De aantekenstrookjes gebruikt in (Nederlands) Nieuw-Guinea by N.J. de Weijer (Dutch)


  • The Air Mails of New Guinea 1922-42 by Dan Hare (English)
  • The Fly River Flights - Stuart Campbell in Papua 1935-37 by Norman Hayes (English)
  • The Australian Air Mail Catalogue by Nelson Eustis + Tom Frommer (English)
  • Intercontinental Airmails – Band 1+ Band 2 by Edward Proud (English)
  • The Air Mails of New Zealand - Vol. 2 : The Overseas Flights 1928-1940 by Douglas A. Walker (English)
  • Intercontinental Airmails Vol. 2 Asia and Australasia by Edward Proud (English)
  • The Air Mails of New Zealand - Vol. 3: International Airmails 1940-1970 by Robin Startup (English)

Ship Mail

  • Shipmarks of the Vessels in and around the Waters of Papua New Guinea by Tony Williams (English)
  • The ships of Burns Philp and Company by Ronald Parsons (English)

Revenue Stamps

  • British Commonwealth Revenues by J. Barefoot (English)
  • The Revenue Stamps of the Commonwealth of Australia and its Territories by William D. Craig (English)

Postal Service

  • Uniting a Nation by James Sinclair (English)

Thematic Literature

  • Missionare Christi in Australien und Ozeanien by Hans G. Schönen (German)

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