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Annual gathering 2008

The pictures are too small. How can I enlarge them?

Most of the illustrations may be enlarged by clicking on them. Then a new window will open. To close this window just click the enlarged view. You may try it with the illustration on the right side of this page.

My inquiry was not found. How can I improve my search?

Go to the search engine and select "page content" in the field "search in". Most likely you will find your search. Should this not work out, try to just type in a part of your search, e.g. "Wapena" when looking for "Wapenamanda". The protected area for members will only be searched when you are logged in.

I am member of the ING. Nevertheless I get the message "for members only".

To view the members area you have to be logged in. Type your log-in and password in the fields top right and press the buttom "Log-in". This information is published in each issue of the Papua Post.


I would like to become a member of the ING.

Here you find the details of membership in the I-NG. When you want to become a member of the ING, please send us a note via the contact form.

I am already member of the ING. How can I log in?

Please type in your log-in and password in the appropriate fields top right and press "Log-in". You will find your log-in and passward in the current issue of the Papua Post.

Anything else

My question was not answered. What now?

Please ask your question individually. For this it is easiest to use the contact form.