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Registered Letters

The first registered letter postal stationery was issued in Papua on 5 October 1917.

RE1 1000 printed
back side
RE2 1000 printed
back side

Used copies of these postal stationery items are seldom seen.

The following two items were auctioned in Prestige Philately's Sale 149 in Australia.

PNG issued only two registered letters (RE 3 and RE 4)

RE 3 date of issue: 9 September 1953 number printed: 6700
RE 4 date of issue: 1 September 1959 number printed 2450

As demand for the registered letter RE 4 was very low it was withdrawn on 31 October 1961. Only 2450 pieces were sold.

Request for cooperation

We would like to draw a list of registered envelopes that were properly used. Please help us by notifying examples in your collection with the following data

  • RE1, RE2, RE3 or RE4
  • date
  • sent from
  • addressee, country, place
  • number of registration label
  • additional franking with Michel or Stanley Gibbons number
  • if possible scan of xerox

Thank you very much for your cooperation


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